Cruise and Resort Attire

Cruise and Resort Attire

 Primer of common dress codes for cruises and resorts.


Proper attire for a cruise or resort is most often very nice country club wear--no tank tops
or flip-flops.  

Please contact us with your questions. 

Resort Attire

Good quality summer attire that you would feel comfortable wearing to a golf club or country club. This could include good quality shorts, button and polo shirts, short skirts, sandals, and newish sneakers—no flip-flops, tank tops, t-shirts, or too much skin.

Evening Resort Attire

Very similar to what we would feel comfortable wearing to a country club in the evening. Slacks and a nice shirt (jacket optional) for men and a dress or nice separates are perfect for women--no sneakers, flip-flops, t-shirts, or shorts.

Dressy Casual

This calls for slacks with a nice top (for either gender), knee-length skirt with a quality top or a dress that you would wear to a restaurant. Shorts would be fine, but these should not be too short or cut-offs—no t-shirts or flip-flops.

Cocktail Attire

Usually this is the basic black dress and a suit for a man.  For warmer weather, just think of that dress in lighter fabrics and you are on your way.

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