Thursday, March 3, 2016

Opera Attire: McCaw Hall, Seattle

Seattle Opera Dilemma

Dear Polite One,

I haven't a clue what to wear to an evening performance of an opera at McCaw Hall in Seattle.  This is supposed to be a formal event. It is also supposed to be rather chilly. Should I wear a wrap as well inside the Hall?

Dressing Formally In Casual Seattle

Dear Dressing Formally In Casual Seattle,

Since this is a formal evening performance, a long dress with embellishments would be appropriate in many areas.  However, since this is Seattle, the little black dress or its equivalent would probably be the most formal attire seen.  Attire choices are all over the map these days.  And, for less formal areas like Seattle -- and even Davis -- formal can mean nice slacks and a button down shirt to men.   A wrap may be nice, but not necessary.  


The Polite One

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