Sunday, December 20, 2015

Gift Giving Advice: Opening Gifts

Is opening gifts during party proper?

Dear Polite One,

My five year old was invited to a birthday party where the gifts were not opened after cake was served. In fact, after the cake was eaten, we were pretty much expected to leave.  Is this behavior acceptable birthday party etiquette?

Thank you,

Just wondering

Dear Just Wondering,

It's unfortunate that this parent didn't know what is considered appropriate, as this was not proper or polite, but insulting to guests. We expect children to open their gifts during a birthday party.


The Polite One

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  1. I usually don't have a problem with kids not opening gifts at parties as long as they send a thank you note!!!! Many kids don't open gifts at parties anymore and it drives me nuts when they don't send a thank you. I'd at least like to know that it was opened and received!